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Baltimore County Jury Awards More Than $9 Million to Family of Pastor Who Died From a Bedsore

Last Thursday, a Baltimore County jury awarded $9,045,000.00 to the estate, widow, and children of Randolph Mack. The jury found that Mr. Mack died from a painful, infected pressure injury (also known as a bedsore or pressure ulcer) caused by the negligence of Stella Maris, Inc., the second-largest nursing home in Maryland. Mr. Mack’s estate and family were represented by Janet, Janet & Suggs and Ketterer, Browne & Associates.

The jury rendered the verdict after a seven-day trial and nearly five hours of deliberations. It is believed to be the highest verdict ever recorded in a Maryland nursing home case. The verdict included $8 million as compensation to Mr. Mack’s estate for his pain and suffering and $1.045 million for the emotional harm suffered by the Mack family.

Mr. Mack was a pastor, father, and grandfather in Baltimore County. An autopsy determined that Mr. Mack was killed by a severe, painful pressure injury (bedsore) near his tailbone and the resulting consequences of this injury. The bedsore began and substantially worsened while Mr. Mack was a resident at Stella Maris.

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