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Congress Faces a Hefty To-Do List in Its Final Week of 2023

Congress is staring down a hefty to-do list as it heads into the final legislative week of 2023, sparking a last-ditch effort in both chambers to complete must-pass legislation and check various priorities off of party agendas.

Toward the top of that list for the Senate is striking a deal on border security and sending more aid to Ukraine, which the White House and lawmakers in both parties have underscored as a pressing need as the year closes out. That goal will come under acute focus this week with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visiting Capitol Hill, giving him an opportunity to ask lawmakers for more support directly as Kyiv battles against Russia.

Zelensky is scheduled to attend an all-senators meeting, gather with Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and meet with President Biden on Tuesday.

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