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DJ Master Tee Files a Copyright Lawsuit Over Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’

One of Tupac’s most timeless hits is now the focal point of a new lawsuit filed by one of its co-producers.

Music Business Worldwide reports that DJ Master Tee made the legal filing and alleges copyright infringement against Tony D. Pizarro, Interscope, and Universal Music Group, the parent company of the former. He’s accusing the trio of entities of conspiring to withhold royalties from the Me Against the World track “Dear Mama.”

“A self-serving group, led by an upstart music producer, Tony D. Pizarro, conspired with executives at Interscope Records and Universal Music Group (UMG), misappropriated Master Tee’s publishing copyright and master recording copyright and assumed the identity of writer/publisher of Dear Mama’s music,” the lawsuit reads.

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