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Ex-Houston Police Officer Indicted Again on Murder Counts in a Fatal 2019 Drug Raid

A former Houston police officer has been indicted again on murder charges for his role in a 2019 deadly drug raid that led to the death of a couple and revealed systemic corruption problems within the police department’s narcotics unit.

The reindictment by a grand jury on Wednesday of Gerald Goines on two felony murder counts came a week after a judge dismissed two similar murder charges he had previously faced.

Goines is charged in the January 2019 deaths of a married couple, Dennis Tuttle, 59, and Rhogena Nicholas, 58. Prosecutors allege Goines had lied to obtain a search warrant by making up a confidential informant and wrongly portraying the couple as dangerous heroin dealers. That led to a deadly encounter in which Tuttle, Nicholas and their dog were fatally shot and police found only small amounts of marijuana and cocaine in the house. Five officers, including Goines, were injured in the raid.

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