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Families Sue a Georgia Chicken Processing Plant After a Nitrogen Leak Left 6 People Dead

Victor Vellez had celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary with his wife, Verónica, in mid-January. They always looked like they were still in love, according to their niece, Marisol Raygoza.

On Jan. 28, Vellez, 39, said goodbye to his wife and two children and went to work at Foundation Food Group’s chicken processing plant in Gainesville, Georgia.

Later that day, Vellez was one of six workers who were killed after liquid nitrogen leaked from the plant’s cooling system; 11 more people were hospitalized.

“He was a good worker. He was always there for his children and his wife and never denied a favor to anyone,” Raygoza said. Originally from Mexico, Vellez was a supervising mechanic at the plant and had worked there for nine years.

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