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Lawsuit Claims Family Dollar ‘Knowingly’ Sold Unsafe Over-the-Counter Drugs to Customers

Charlotte-based Family Dollar ‘knowingly’ sold unsafe drugs to customers, according to a lawsuit filed Friday with the United States District Court of Southern Florida.

The lawsuit states that the company ‘abused and exploited’ the trust of its customers by unlawfully selling tens of millions of dollars worth of over-the-counter drugs that did not meet safety requirements. Products, among them Advil, NyQquil Cherry Cold and Flu Liquid, children’s medicine, and Vick’s Vapor Rub, were stored in extreme temperatures that labels explicitly stated would alter the drug’s effectiveness, according to the lawsuit.

“Despite the scrutiny and the FDA’s warnings, Family Dollar’s failures to control temperatures in its facilities have continued unabated. Since at least May 1, 2022, Family Dollar has knowingly routinely, and unlawfully sold adulterated products that were unsafe for human use or ingestion because they were sold outside of labeled temperature requirements. The distribution and sale of these Adulterated Products to millions of unsuspecting consumers covers almost all states in the contiguous United States,” the lawsuit said.

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