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Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for 28 Years Awarded $9.8M

A man who was falsely imprisoned for 28 years has been awarded $9.8 million.

Chester Hollman III was 21 when he was charged with the murder of a University of Pennsylvania student during a botched robbery back in 1991.

In July 2019, a judge ordered that he be released from prison, stating that the police and prosecutors had built their case against him on fabricated evidence from people they had coerced to come forward as witnesses.

The judge also said that they had withheld evidence that pointed to the real perpetrators.

At the time of his exoneration, Assistant District Attorney Patricia Cummings told the court: “I apologize to Chester Hollman.

“I apologize because he was failed, and in failing him, we failed the victim, and we failed the community of the city of Philadelphia.”

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