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Oakland, California Pays $6.5 Million to a Cyclist Who Suffered Serious Injuries from Bike Crash

On May 12, 2018, Lynne McDonald was riding through Tilden Regional Park when she crashed her bike on a poorly paved, potholed section of Grizzly Peak Boulevard. McDonald suffered serious injuries from the crash, including paralysis. She and her husband, David Barr, filed a lawsuit against Oakland alleging that the road’s crumbling conditions caused the crash.

On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council voted to settle McDonald’s lawsuit by agreeing to pay $6.5 million, partly to cover her medical expenses. The amount ties another recent lawsuit settlement as the highest in recent history due to unsafe road conditions.

In December, the City Council approved a $6.5 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit filed by Bruno VanSchoote, a 57-year-old East Bay resident who in 2020 was thrown from his bike when he hit a dangerous pavement seam on MacArthur Boulevard. VanSchoote fractured vertebrae in his spine and suffered other serious injuries.

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