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Paramount Sued by Warner Bros. Discovery Over Streaming Rights of ‘South Park’

Warner Bros. Discovery sued Paramount Global looking to enforce the streaming rights of “South Park,” setting the stage for a legal battle between two media behemoths as the streaming wars intensify.

On Friday Warner Bros. Discovery filed a lawsuit against Paramount, South Park Digital Studios and MTV Entertainment seeking hundreds of millions of dollars for what it believes was a breach of contract.

Warner said it agreed in 2019 to pay more than $500 million, or approximately $1.69 million per episode, to license “South Park,” the longstanding cartoon featuring bad-mouthed elementary school children that has been airing on Paramount’s cable-TV network Comedy Central for decades, for its own streaming platform HBO Max.

During the bidding process for the “South Park” rights, the filing said, Paramount allegedly asked whether Warner Bros. Discovery would consider sharing the rights to the show for Paramount’s own streaming service. “Warner/HBO rejected the proposition as a ‘non-starter,’” according to the lawsuit.

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