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Samsung and Google Advertise Their Partnership in a New Campaign

Samsung and Google have collaborated on numerous occasions in recent years. The latter’s keynotes often feature the Korean firm’s products. New Google features also often debut on Galaxy devices. The two tech biggies have now made an ad highlighting this partnership.

The new ad showcases various Google services working seamlessly on Samsung hardware. It starts with the Google app’s Hum to Search feature being used to search for a song. This feature allows you to just hum the music of the song to search for it, without needing to tell Google its title or lyrics. It comes in handy when a song is stuck in your head and you can’t get it out.

Once the search is complete, the person sends it to a Samsung TV to play. The ad then shows other examples of this hardware-software integration between Google and Samsung products. It also features the “Make it epic” tagline. If you recall, the Korean firm has been using the “epic” keyword for its Galaxy S series flagships in recent years.

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