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Sony Music Accuses Gymshark of Copyright Infringement

The Big Three record label – along with Sony Music Entertainment US Latin, Zomba Recording, the defunct LaFace Records (the catalog of which is handled by RCA), Arista Records, and others – just recently submitted the roughly 20-page-long complaint to a California federal court. DMN obtained an exclusive copy of the straightforward action, which accuses the defendant of direct, contributory, and vicarious copyright infringement.

The nine-year-old fitness-apparel business “has achieved its success by infringing sound recordings and musical compositions belonging to a number of different content owners…on a massive scale,” the document relays at the outset, with the purported infringement having occurred largely in social-media adverts, according to the plaintiffs.

“While these social media ‘commercials’ have been instrumental to Gymshark’s success, Gymshark has not paid for the privilege to use the sound recordings that are featured in them,” the text proceeds. “Gymshark has misappropriated hundreds of the most popular and valuable sound recordings in the market, using those creative works to drive massive sales.”

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