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House Republicans Hold First Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

House Republicans’ first hearing of their impeachment inquiry into President Biden stretched for more than for six hours Thursday, as they sought to justify their case to the public.

Republican-led House committees have been investigating the president and his son for months, but so far, have not cited specific laws or statutes with evidence to show the president broke the law, boosted his personal finances improperly or abused his office to help his son. That didn’t change Thursday, as Republicans largely criticized Hunter Biden’s alleged actions. But Republicans say that’s the purpose of an impeachment inquiry — to build a case.

The Republican chairs of the House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees outlined their view of the factual and legal basis for an impeachment inquiry into Mr. Biden in a 30-page memo, which was obtained Wednesday night by CBS News. Republicans elaborated on their justification for an inquiry in Thursday’s hearing.

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