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WiTricity and MIT Sue Momentum Dynamics Over Patent Infringement

The e-mobility industry is keeping the courts busy. In the US, WiTricity has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Momentum Dynamics. The wireless charging specialist seeks compensation and a halt of sales. MIT is the co-plaintiff.

There are seven patents at the center of the federal suit related to wireless energy transfer issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office between 2010 and 2017. WiTricity says it owns five patents; in the other two, WiTricity is either the licensee or the exclusive licensee of patents owned by MIT or Auckland UniServices, another plaintiff.

The three companies filed the complaint earlier this December but claimed Momentum Dynamics knew of some of the patent infringements since 2015. They now seek an injunction to halt the sales of Momentum Dynamics products that infringe such patents, and financial damages.

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