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An Opioid Company May Back Out of Paying ‘Pill Mill’ Settlement, Including Over $20 Million Owed to Virginia

One of the major pharmaceutical companies accused of flooding America with generic, addictive painkillers is floating a plan to avoid paying over $1 billion as part of a national settlement for victims of the opioid epidemic.

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, which produced more than a third of the opioids in circulation from 2006 to 2012, is one of several companies that stood accused of ignoring free-wheeling drug sales, often known as pill mills, as it pursued profits.

In the face of over 3,000 lawsuits, the company filed for bankruptcy in October 2020. The move allowed it to forge an agreement with every state in the nation: $1.7 billion to make all the lawsuits go away, end future litigation, and admit no fault.

Read the source article at The Roanoke Times

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