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City of Chicago Pays $5.5 Million in a Wrongful Imprisonment Settlement as 7 More Men Ask for Exoneration

The city of Chicago agreed to pay $5.5 million in another wrongful imprisonment settlement involving former Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara.

The settlement was reached the same day seven more men filed petitions accusing Guevara of framing them for crimes they did not commit. At least 44 murder convictions investigated by Guevara have been overturned.

According to the Exoneration Project, the seven men filing petitions are:

Jayson Aguiar, served 20 years in prison
David Kruger, served 14 years in prison
Juan Molina, served 12.5 years in prison
Edwin Ortiz, served 25 years in prison
Oscar Soto, served 3 years in prison
Victor Vera, served 19 years in prison
Tyrece Williams, served 20 years in prison

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