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Family is Awarded $10,457,858.89 After USAA Denied Their Insurance Claim Due to Wind Destruction from Hurricane Katrina

David Baria, of Cosmich, Simmons & Brown, PLLC, presented the Minor family when USAA denied their claim for destruction of their home due to the winds of Hurricane Katrina by improperly relying on an engineering report that did not support its position on the payment of the dwelling claim, by failing to review underwriting documents in its possession in its adjustment of the claim, by delaying any payment at all on the contents loss for 7 years, by refusing to pay anything at all for the destroyed family pier and boathouse, loss of refrigerated products or for destroyed fur and jewelry, and by improperly charging the family with two deductibles.

This resulted in a $10,457,858.89 verdict being awarded to the Minor family.

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