Employment Safety

Former Employee Sues UPS for Whistleblower Retaliation Awarded $5.45 Million

After being recognized as an exceptional employee at UPS for more than three decades, Richard Galvan faced retaliation and was inexplicably terminated due to alleged “proven dishonesty” following serious health and safety complaints, harassment and even a physical assault by a coworker. Prior to his termination, Galvan was physically assaulted by another UPS employee while on UPS premises, resulting in a fractured wrist. Galvan reported the incident to human resources, his manager, and others. Additionally, he lodged a safety complaint weeks before being fired, accusing his manager of deliberately altering his work schedule to force him to drive his feeder truck under dangerous conditions along the most challenging route. After deliberating for only a matter of hours, a Los Angeles Superior Court swiftly reached a verdict, ruling in favor of Richard Galvan in his lawsuit against UPS for whistleblower retaliation. Consequently, the former UPS truck driver was granted a $5.45 million verdict.

Mr. Galvan was represented by Carney Shegerian, of Shegerian & Associates.

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