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Former New Mexico State Basketball Players File Lawsuit Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Two former New Mexico State basketball players filed a lawsuit Wednesday, alleging they were sexually assaulted by teammates and that the coaching staff and other administrators did nothing when they reported the assaults.

The lawsuit was filed by Deuce Benjamin and another player who said three teammates forced them to pull their pants down below their ankles, then assaulted them. The Associated Press normally does not name alleged victims of sexual assault, but Benjamin had earlier referenced the alleged assaults while announcing his departure from the team on social media.

Chancellor Dan Arvizu canceled the season in February after Benjamin took his allegations to school police. Arvizu framed the allegations as stemming from a hazing episode. The civil lawsuit, filed in district court in Las Cruces, New Mexico, took issue with that description, saying “when the behavior goes too far, and crosses the line into nonconsensual touching, it is not mere hazing; it is battery and sexual assault.”

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