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Google Agrees to a $90 Million Settlement With Small App Developers

Google has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit with small app developers who alleged the tech giant violated federal antitrust laws.

As reported by Reuters, Google will pay $90 million, to be split between US-based app developers. The lawsuit claimed that the Google Play Store’s policies forced developers to use the storefront’s billing system, which imposed a 30 percent fee on all transactions As a response to the lawsuit, Google announced back in 2021 that it would only charge developers a 15 percent fee on the first million dollars of revenue earned from the Google Play Store each year.

In a blog post detailing the settlements, Wilson White, Google VP of Government Affairs & Public Policy, notes that the $90 million Google agrees to pay to settle the lawsuit would be put towards a fund. Should the court approve the proposed settlement, access to the fund will be made available to app developers that generated $2 million or less in annual revenue between 2016 through 2021.

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