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Hollywood Likely to See a ‘Seismic Shift’ After Disney’s ‘Black Widow’ Settlement With Scarlett Johansson

Johansson sued the Walt Disney Co. over the company’s streaming release of “Black Widow,” which she said breached her contract and deprived her of potential earnings as she maintained in her complaint that her contract guaranteed an exclusive theatricalrelease.

While the news of Johansson’s initial complaint might have been music to the ears of other stars of such films pondering whether to go a similar route, one leading film and entertainment expert believes that while Disney may have made a strategic move for its future in reaching an agreement with the “Avengers” actress, 36, the Mouse House likely protected other studios and distributors against a “seismic shift” in Hollywood.

The terms of the settlement are unclear. FOX Business has reached out to reps for Disney and Johansson for further comment.

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