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New Jersey Jury Awards Man $6.5 Million for Injuries He Suffered in a Serious Car Accident

The NJ jury has awarded a $6.5 million settlement to a 47-year-old who was involved in a serious car accident when the at-fault driver recklessly struck his vehicle in the rear, causing him to suffer numerous injuries.

Like many victims of head-on collisions, the victim sustained significant damage to his spine, which resulted in him requiring around-the-clock care. Represented by the seasoned car accident lawyer Raymond Gill of Gill & Chamas, LLC, he contended that the force of the impact caused bruising to his kidneys and a thoracic herniation that impinged the spinal cord.

In the case’s discovery phase, the attorneys at Gill & Chamas presented evidence that the plaintiff’s injuries were severe and life-altering. The firm also brought in an expert neurologist who testified that the man’s multiple sclerosis worsened due to the herniated disc he sustained in the accident.

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