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Nintendo is Suing White Cat Project Developer for $47M Over Patent Infringement Claims

In 2018, Nintendo began a lawsuit against White Cat Project developer Colopl following a complaint of patent infringement. The suit has been ongoing for quite a while, with Nintendo claiming Colopl copied a patented control scheme. The developer has since changed some of its control schemes but still refuses to admit to any wrongdoing.

Nintendo is known for taking many people and companies to task in court. The popular Japanese publisher/developer recently won a lawsuit after a go-kart company was found dressing customers up in Nintendo character costumes to create a real-life Mario Kart. The company won $480,000 in damages in that suit. The beloved company is very protective over its image and characters, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo is so adamant about taking people to court when it sees the opportunity. That said, this new suit may be taking things to another level.

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