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RideShare is Suing Lyft for Infringing Vehicle Identification Patents

On Monday in the District of Delaware, plaintiff RideShare Displays, Inc. (RSDI) filed a complaint for patent infringement against Lyft, Inc. alleging that defendant Lyft infringed the patents-in-suit by utilizing its color matching and identification system for riders to match and identify their requested respective drivers and vehicles.

The patents-in-suit are U.S. Patent Nos. 9,892,637 (the ‘637 patent); 10,169,987 (the ‘987 patent); 10,395,525 (the ‘525 patent); U.S. Patent No. 10,559,199 (the ‘199 patent); and 10,748,417 (the ‘417 patent). All of the patents-in-suit are entitled, “Vehicle Identification System” and describe a system and method for riders to identify their requested driver and vehicle.

RSDI claimed that it has not licensed the patents-in-suit or its other patents to Lyft, nor has the plaintiff authorized Lyft to utilize any of the patented claims. Specifically, RSDI’s active display technology, LOCUS, “provides passengers with the ability to immediately locate and securely identify the correct rideshare vehicle and driver,” according to the complaint. The plaintiff added that LOCUS “displays a single-use identifier (e.g. a particular text string or color) that is sent simultaneously to both the driver’s and passenger’s cell phones/mobile device for each trip” and it “provides a universal delivery system for messages, logos, advertisements, driver or passenger emergency and medical alerts.”

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