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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Results in a $5.3 Million Verdict

Kelly Miller was a longtime resident in the Joliat Group home, owned and licensed by Angels’ Place. On December 30, 2017, the sole aide at the home was Carol Caramia, despite Ms. Caramia not being qualified as a Direct Care Worker, and Angels’ Place knowledge of the same. On that day, Kelly Miller obtained food, unsupervised, despite the requirement he was not to have unsupervised access to food, and he choked to death over a period of 12 min and 42 sec, per the 911 audio. There were numerous complaints about Carol’s incompetence by the Home Manager as well as her manager to upper management that were ignored. During years of litigation, Angels’ Place denied knowledge of any facts making Carol Caramia unable to do the job. A forensic examination by Plaintiff’s expert uncovered a vast coverup of deleted documents and emails by the defendant in an attempt to cover all the facts up leading to Kelly’s death.

James L Spagnuolo, Jr., of Macomb Law Group, represented the estate of Aaron Kelly Miller versus Angels’ Place and Carol Caramia. This case resulted in a verdict of $5,344,000.00.

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