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A Coroner Reveals Gabby Petito’s Cause of Death Is Strangulation

Gabby Petito was strangled to death, Teton County Coroner Brent Blue confirmed in a press conference Tuesday afternoon while announcing the results of Petito’s autopsy.

“After a detailed investigation by our forensic pathologist, our anthropologist, and local law enforcement, with assistance from the FBI, the Teton County Coroner Office is filing the following verdict in the death of Gabrielle Venora Petito: we hereby find the cause and manner of death to be, the cause by strangulation and manner is homicide,” Blue said.

Though he would not comment on any potential suspects in the case, the coroner did confirm that authorities were able to collect outside DNA samples from Petito’s body. “I can tell you that DNA samples were taken by law enforcement,” Blue said.

Citing the ongoing investigation, Blue would not comment on whether the cause of death was manual or ligature strangulation.

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