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$33 Million Awarded to the Family of a Man Who Died in an Oklahoma Jail

A jury awarded $33 million to the family of Terral Ellis Jr., who died while in the Ottawa County Jail.

In 2015, court documents state Ellis turned himself in for a DUI warrant to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. Those documents state Ellis was in good health at that time.

Twelve days later, he died.

On Wednesday, August 24, 2023, a jury awarded the Terral Ellis’ estate (family) in the lawsuit. According to court documents, the jury states the Ottawa County Sheriff, in his official capacity, violated Ellis’ Constitutional right to adequate medical care. Sheriff Jeremy Floyd (who was not Sheriff at the time) and Sheriff Terry Durborow were both named on court documents. Durborow was the sheriff at the time in 2015. Floyd was involved because the lawsuit listed the Sheriff in general.

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