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U.S. is Considering Tactical Plans to Recover Hostages in Gaza

The U.S. is keeping all options on the table as negotiations to free scores of hostages in Gaza press on — playing a significant role in advancing talks between Israel and Hamas while actively formulating plans with international partners for tactical recovery operations that could be put into action if it’s determined they could be carried out with a reasonable level of risk, according to two American officials.

The U.S., along with Qatar and Egypt, is working to move Israel and Hamas toward a deal to free many of the more than 200 captives Israel assesses are being detained, potentially including some of the 10 Americans that are still unaccounted for following Hamas’ surprise terror attacks on Israel on Oct. 7.

On Friday, President Joe Biden spoke with the emir of Qatar to discusses “the urgent need for all hostages held by Hamas to be released without further delay.”

Read the source article at ABC News

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