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Amazon Accused of Illegally Firing Employees Who Spoke Out About Work Conditions

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently determined that Amazon’s firing of two of its employees was retaliatory because those employees spoke out against the company. But Amazon denies the allegations, per The Hill.

“We support every employee’s right to criticize their employer’s working conditions, but that does not come with blanket immunity against our internal policies, all of which are lawful,” an Amazon spokesperson Jaci Anderson said to The New York Times. “We terminated these employees not for talking publicly about working conditions, safety or sustainability but, rather, for repeatedly violating internal policies.”

NLRB, an independent government agency responsible for enforcing labor laws, found that the employee’s claims had merit. Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa said they were fired for supporting individuals who protested against unsafe warehouse conditions due to COVID-19 and because they spoke against the company’s climate policies. They worked as designers at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, per the Times.

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