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Dunn Paper, Inc. Faces Age Discrimination Allegations

A woman in Sanilac County is suing Dunn Paper, Inc. in federal court over allegations that she was let go from her job due to age discrimination. Filed in May, the suit claims the woman, Kimberly Cory, was terminated by the company during “an alleged restructuring that lowered the median age of employees by eight years, from 51 to 43.”

When commenting on the suit, Cory’s attorney, Victor Mastromarco, Jr. said, “You can’t just target your older employees.”

Cory was born back in 1966 and worked in the health and safety field for 20 years, court documents state. She joined Dunn Paper in 2015 when she took a role as its health and safety manager. Then, in 2019, “Cory and five other employees were terminated in the alleged restructuring.” Cory and the other terminated employees were “over the age of 40 and five were over the age of 50.”

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