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Senate Introduces a Bipartisan Short-Term Funding Bill to Keep the Government Open Through Nov. 17

Senate leaders released a short-term funding bill Tuesday — with four days left to avert a government shutdown at the end of this month — to keep money flowing until Nov. 17 to give Congress more time to ink a larger agreement.

The bipartisan bill, negotiated between leaders of the Democratic majority and Republican minority, includes $4.5 billion in aid to Ukraine and $6 billion in emergency FEMA funding for disaster relief. It also prevents a lapse in FAA authorities through the end of this year and prevents a pay cut for federal firefighters.

The Senate will begin voting Tuesday evening to debate the measure with the hope of passing it before Oct. 1 to prevent a shutdown. It’s unclear if the chamber can pass it before the 12:01 a.m. Sunday deadline, as it would likely require unanimous consent to hold a quick vote.

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